Best Saddle Stool Review

When it comes to our well-being, we covet the top of the line. And the DR LOMILOMI Hydraulic Saddle will definitely help you fix your posture properly. After we tested 34 saddle stools for 2 weeks, we found out that this product is undoubtedly the cream of the crop.

DR LOMILOMI Hydraulic Saddle – Solid Wide-Seated Stool

  • It’s designed with a spacious seat for extra comfort.
  • The upholstery is water-resistant, and the padding has memory foam.
  • The saddle has a quality hydraulic system, which is highly durable.
  • The product comes with nylon wheels for easier moving.

A saddle stool is a tremendous option if you’re looking for a piece of furniture that will keep you sitting still. Such a chair is an awesome mix of a classy design and ergonomic features, what a win-win!

Saddle stools are trendy chairs, which are quite versatile in usage. Office, home, massage, medical, veterinary, laboratory, dental saddle chair – the list of purposes could be endless. Therefore, we’ve selected different saddle stools that might satisfy your needs. A brand-new saddle chair will spruce up your living or working place for sure.

5 Best Saddle Stools Detailed Review

Here is an in-depth saddle chair review of 5 ace products on the market, so you can pick the best furniture according to your needs and preferences. No matter which variant you choose, each of these saddle stools is worth consideration. And here’s why.

1. DR LOMILOMI Hydraulic Saddle – Solid Wide-Seated Stool

DR LOMILOMI Hydraulic Saddle

The DR LOMILOMI Hydraulic Saddle features an extra-large seat and durable design. It’s 25 inch saddle stool in height with 23 inch leg width, which is solid. The product comes with water-resistant vinyl upholstery, so it will last for long. We love that the good has a memory-foam seat with CFC-free molded foam. The saddle seat stool is designed with a simple hydraulic cylinder system, so adjusting the height is easy to operate. It comes with nylon wheels, so it’s a decent rolling saddle stool.

Saddle Stool Features

  • The ergonomic saddle stool is made with PU vinyl upholstery fabric that brings a classy look as well as durability.
  • The material used for the seat is also flame-retardant and water-resistant to enhance its longevity.
  • The padding features a molded memory foam to provide a convenient sitting position every time.
  • The seat height is 19” – 25” to adjust the stool duly, and the leg width is 23”.
  • The chair is designed with a hydraulic system for smooth lifting and adjusting the stool.
  • The weight capacity is 500 pounds, which is pretty solid.
  • The product comes with an aluminum light leg base and nylon rolling casters for flawless moves.

Our Experts’ Opinion

The DR LOMILOMI is a fascinating choice if you’re looking for a quality and budget-friendly ergonomic saddle chair. We love its spacious seat design and memory-foam padding features. The chair is easy to adjust and maintain. Here’s a black saddle stool, but apart from that, there are violet, queen blue, and vanilla colors available.

2. Salli Swing Fit Saddle Seat – Well-Balanced Split Stool

Salli Swing Fit Saddle Seat

The Salli Swing Fit Saddle Seat offers a solid ergonomic solution for those who crave their back get fixed. The split-seated design relieves excessive pressure and improves your posture when you sit. The Salli saddle chair is highly adjustable with a top height of 30 inches. The stool comes with a gas spring lifting system, which is easy to use. In fact, the product is customizable, so you’re able to choose the max height, the color of the seat and base, and the caster design.

Saddle Stool Features

  • The stool is an ergonomic split saddle chair that fosters the blood flow and the lower back position. The middle split is adjustable to pick the perfect position.
  • The seat is covered with water-resistant upholstery, which is highly durable.
  • The padding includes quality contouring foam for comfy sitting.
  • The medium size has a seat height of 22.5” – 30”, but shorter and taller options are also available.
  • The saddle seat chair comes with large 65mm casters for better maneuverability.
  • There’s a gas spring lifting system in a steel pole, which is easy to manipulate.


The Salli Swing Fit Saddle Seat is an outstanding saddle chair stool which is known for its decent adjustable features. The chair is fully customizable to the customer’s needs, which is beneficial, especially if there are specific health needs. The piece of furniture comes in a wide range of colors, including black, blue, yellow, and red, that looks stunning. No doubts, you’ll be totally obsessed with this saddle ergonomic chair right away.

3. Jobri BetterPosture Saddle Chair – Firm Therapeutic Stool

Jobri BetterPosture Saddle Chair

The Jobri BetterPosture Saddle Chair has a horse saddle stool design to keep your posture proper and your legs relaxed. The saddle shape fosters blood circulation and reduces pressure on the lower body. The PU leather saddle stool is easy to clean and maintain, which is a plus. The height is quite adjustable from 21 to 28 inches, so you can choose the most suitable position. The gas lift system is used to provide this adjustability. In addition, the saddle chair comes with a metal frame that will last for long.

Saddle Stool Features

  • The saddle stool is made with synthetic leather that is easy to wipe off.
  • The product has a wide seat design to reduce pressure from the lower back and thighs when sitting.
  • The seat height may differ from 21” to 28” for more convenience.
  • The stool is adjustable with a gas spring system to lift it up smoothly.
  • The metal frame base improves the durability and longevity of the good.
  • The five-point base comes with nylon casters for convenient moving.

Our Editors’ Opinion

The Jobri BetterPosture Saddle Chair is a great frugal variant for your home or office. It helps to promote a good posture, improve circulation, and reduce stress during prolonged sitting sessions. The saddle stool comes with an adjustable height and gas lifting system, so choosing the optimal position is as easy as pie. The Jobri brand offers a black saddle stool, which looks spellbinding.

4. PROSPEROUS Saddle Stool – Rotatable Split Chair


The PROSPEROUS Saddle Stool is a tremendous piece of furniture made with a waterproof seat and stainless steel base. It will absolutely bring more comfort and relief when sitting at home or office. It’s a solid saddle seat stool 18-inch height that can be raised up to 23.5 inches. Just use a handle under the seat, and everything is set. Apart from that, the product rotates 360°, so you can move freely while sitting. The chair comes with a five-point base with non-slip wheels.

Saddle Stool Features

  • The saddle stool has a water-repelling upholstery, so you don’t need to worry if you spill something on it.
  • The seat has a split design for better blood circulation and posture improvement.
  • The frame of the chair is made with stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable.
  • The height is quite adjustable, rising from 18” to 23.5” to pick the best option.
  • It’s designed with a gas lift system and a handle to raise a stool quickly.
  • The weight limit is 330 pounds, which is a solid capacity.
  • The chair can rotate 360°, which is a plus.

Our Professional Opinion

The PROSPEROUS Saddle Stool is a stainless steel product that is useful for improving well-being. The ergonomic split-seated design protects the spine and supports the lower back. Hence, it reduces discomfort when sitting too long. Such stool is used for office work, home interior, and beauty salons. It’s also a popular option as a saddle chair for dental hygienists, which is a great perk. You may choose between black and blue colors, which one is more appealing to you.

5. Kanewell Adjustable Saddle Stool – Adjustable Twin Chair

Kanewell Adjustable Saddle Stool

The Kanewell Adjustable Saddle Stool can help you to improve your posture and reduce stress by sitting on a split saddle chair. It’s claimed as a saddle leather chair made with genuine grain leather fabric. So the product is flame-resistant and waterproof, which is crucial. In addition, the seat is adjustable and can tilt to fix the better posture for your legs. The height is also customizable; the tall size offers a saddle stool 27 inches height that can be lifted to 37 inches height.

Saddle Stool Features

  • The saddle chair comes with a grain leather seat, which is flame- and water-resistant.
  • The spit-seated design allows you to adjust its width properly to get your legs relaxed.
  • The steel frame is rather durable and solid.
  • The height is adjustable in all models. The medium chair’s height ranges from 22.5” to 30”. The tall chair’s height ranges from 27” to 37”.
  • The product is designed with a five-point base and hooded casters.
  • The chair can tilt forward and backward for better comfort and free movements.

Our Reviewers’ Opinion

The Kanewell Stool is another split-seated chair that is loved for its solid steel base and adjustable twin seat. The upholstery is made with quality material that repels water, so it needs a little maintenance. Kanewell offers a black saddle stool in different sizes, so you can pick the most suitable height. If you’re looking for a dentist saddle stool or a saddle desk chair, this variant is worth your attention.

office chair vs saddle stool

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Saddle Stool?

Saddle stools or saddle chairs are getting more and more popular in various workplaces where you need to sit for long. As sitting during the entire day must be challenging, brand-new solutions on how to improve workers’ well-being are at the top of the agenda. And considering a solid saddle stool is one of the greatest options nowadays (apart from kneeling chairs). Besides, you can check extra accessories like mini elliptical trainers in addition to your ergonomic furniture.

As its name implies, the seat reminds of a horse saddle chair as you’re riding a horse. The product has an unconventional design in order to bring more comfort by improving your posture. In addition, the sitting position on a leather saddle stool is a bit higher in comparison with a traditional office chair. So it may take some time to get used to it, but it’s worth your effort.

Why Do I Need a Saddle Chair?

A saddle chair is designed as a “horse saddle bar stool” on purpose. Such furniture encourages your well-being, which helps you work for several hours flawlessly. Here’s a list of the main benefits of a saddle stool ergonomic:

  • The chair keeps your natural sitting posture to avoid tension and lower back pain.
  • It fosters blood circulation as there’s less pressure on your legs.
  • As your abdominal muscles and back are continuously involved to sit still, you strengthen your core while you’re on a seat.
  • The product provides free movements, which may prevent joint issues.
  • When sitting on a saddle stool, legs take over the main workload, so your back feels more relieved.
  • Some of the saddle chairs, particularly a saddle dental chair, is designed with a split seat to reduce pressure on your pelvic and genital areas. This feature is beneficial for both men and women.

Where Can I Use a Saddle Stool?

A saddle stool is made to encourage healthy sitting during your active and long-term work. Thus, such furniture may stand you in good stead for various purposes. You may find this chair as a “dental saddle chair”, “saddle leather dining chair”, “saddle bar stool”, and many others. As you can see, they are spread widely to support our well-being duly. In fact, such saddle stools are grabbing the headlines as an ergonomic saddle office chair as well.

In short, a saddle chair is used in lots of fields, where you need to actively move around the workplace. So the furniture is deemed as an ergonomic stool for dentists, hairdressers, therapists, teachers, nurses. Additionally, it’s an awesome solution for office workers who use an adjustable standing desk.

What are the Main Types of Saddle Chairs?

The modern market is quite versatile, so you’re able to find different saddle chair designs. The main distinction lies in the seat style. It can be solid (one piece) or spit (two pieces). The 1-piece design typically has a wide seat with an ergonomic contour that promotes your legs and joints resting. The twin style has two pieces with a gap in between; such a design improves the reproductive health.

Apart from the seat style, some saddle stools come with a tilt option. This is a great perk as it helps you to choose the perfect sitting position to feel relaxed and avoid excessive tension. Thus, the product can tilt forward and backward to accommodate your sitting position properly. In terms of moving, some saddle stools offer 360 rotation, while others can be locked to fix the required position.

No doubt, the appearance of the good also plays a high role. Modern saddle stools are designed to look stunning, hands down. Loads of color options are available to fit your workplace ideally. For instance, you can purchase a black or white saddle stool to spice up any classy interior. A gray saddle stool is a great choice for bars and salons.

dentist is stretching on saddle stool

Can I sit on a Saddle Chair for the Whole Day?

Yes. That’s one of the major reasons why a saddle stool was designed. This furniture helps you sit still in a comfortable natural position with no extra tension on your legs. That means that your core muscles are on to help you keep your back upright. There’s no pressure on legs, and they are not limited, which is a plus.

In addition, if you get a saddle stool with a tilt feature, you can adjust the sitting position even more precisely. If you consider investing in a split-seated product, you’ll find it comfortable to sit for long sessions. As it’s made to reduce pelvic pressure, you don’t need to constantly switch your position.

How to Get Used to a Saddle Stool?

If you’re about to purchase your first saddle stool, you may be faced with some difficulties at the start. That is fine if you get puzzled about how to hop on a saddle seat chair. Generally, you may need just a little time to get used to brand-new furniture.

It’s recommended to start using a saddle stool gradually. So don’t rush into throwing away your old chair right away. If you haven’t checked your posture for a long time, you need to be patient to get accustomed to a new sitting position. But that is made for your own good. Just sit deep on a seat and keep an upright position, use tilting if necessary.

Do I Need a Backrest on My Seat?

The genuine saddle stool is made to encourage your natural spinal posture with its saddle design, so you don’t need a backrest. However, lots of manufacturers offer a saddle stool with back support. It might be helpful in case you need to spend several hours sitting, like a dental procedure. Besides, a saddle back stool can be used in case one has health issues related to poor balance control (muscular atrophy).

Therefore, there’s no need to order a saddle chair with back support if you want your posture to be fixed duly. Once you get used to an ergonomic saddle stool, your spinal will be supported properly without a backrest.

proper sitting positions chart


A solid saddle stool is a tremendous option if you crave for improving your overall well-being. It’s designed to keep you in the upright position and rest your lower body. This may help you lower back pain and reduce pelvic pressure. There’s a decent 135° angle between the thighs and the body, so your legs feel more relaxed. In addition, it improves blood circulation in the lower body to avoid swelling.

You might need a little time to get accustomed to a new saddle office chair at the beginning, but the result is priceless. You’re able to pick the best saddle chair according to your personal health needs and preferences. You can start with our winner – the DR LOMILOMI Hydraulic Saddle – which is the top-notch product due to its refined features. Check out our detailed saddle chair review to consider all the pros and cons. Stay healthy and wealthy!